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At The RedBarn Studio, students have fun throughout their learning journey.


What each student brings helps guide where the adventure leads. Edd brings experience across instruments, performing, teaching, coaching and mentoring. He prioritizes personal connection and conversation as a part of the discovery process.


The Studio is equipped with high-tech performance, audio and video recording technology in addition to a variety of instruments ready for practice and play. Anything's possible at The RedBarn Studio!

"Edd is a skilled and inspiring teacher for students of all ages.  He tailors the lessons to interests and abilities in order to help with their growth and keep them inspired.  If you are thinking of starting a new instrument or returning to one that you have put away for a while, I highly recommend that you check out The RedBarn Studio.  

Paulette K.,
banjo student
"Edd is always finding new music and audio files to capture my child's motivation. He loves playing all the different songs!

Kerri B.-W.,
parent of 8-year-old piano + clarinet student
Tideway Creative_CABMIO_Ed (16 of 16).jp
"At the RedBarn, students uncover their own interests and ideasboth of us doing research as
helpful along the way.
Students get excited as they understand more deeply how music functions,
so they can use it as a tool
to create and express.

Edd Key
"Every single student helps me
discover something new each day.
Edd Key
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