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For the last 20 years,
The RedBarn Studio has welcomed musicians of all ages and levels to learn and record. 

The relaxed atmosphere creates plenty of space for questions and exploration. 


There's time for chit-chat before the work begins, conversation and fun all along the way. 


The RedBarn Studio exists for people of all ages to discover the fun and possibilities in music.


The RedBarn Studio contributes to a world of expression, creativity and imagination where music comes alive.


Approachability + Friendliness

Fun + Playfulness

Curiosity + Discovery

Patience + Perseverance

"Mr. Key creates a fun and creative
learning environment for music
and is a passionate teacher
who truly motivates, so much so,
that you leave every session
on a 'high note' wanting more.
(You can tell he loves what he does!)
Gabriella S.,  
started many years ago 
as a 5-year-old
voice and piano student

The RedBarn Studio / Backstory


In southern Kentucky where Edd grew up there was old-school country music on the radio everywhere he went—sounds from folks like Patsy Cline, Bill Monroe, Flatt and Scruggs, Loretta Lynn—and trips with the family to the Grand Ol’ Opry in Nashville.  It was the rural life. Both parents were farm kids and barns were a big part of their lives. Edd grew up and moved on, but carried his childhood experiences with him.


When Edd and his wife Theresa made the Sand Point Way house and grounds their home, they painted the old woodshop red and added a kitchen and bathroom. Suddenly, the RedBarn was born. The Studio is designed to be warm and welcoming, a comfortable place where people feel at home.

When you come in person to the Studio...

Arriving from the tree-lined street, you walk through the gate that Theresa built. Following the small path, you cross a lush green garden with a koi pond and colorful outdoor art pieces. The friendly studio dog, River, may greet you. If it’s summer, bright flowers are sprinkled throughout the green. In season, you can help yourself to the strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. If it's winter, the promise of spring wraps around you like a hug.


Next you’ll find the RedBarn porch, with a sitting spot ready for you if you wish. When you enter the Studio, you’ll see instruments hung on the walls and perched on soft rugs. There's a nook with a cozy wood-burning stove and a couch for families to relax, with wifi if they wish, as they wait for their musicians-in-the-making to wrap their latest exploratory session.

Tideway Creative_Edd (23 of 23).jpg
Tideway Creative_Edd (1 of 23).jpg

Meet Edd

Edd Key discovered music at age 10. When he raised his hand to volunteer for a classroom activity one day, little did he know that the experience within the next few minutes would define the rest of his life. 


Edd's music teacher handed him a tambourine, showing the class how notes on the chalkboard could translate to the moving-and-shaking of music and rhythm. Holding that tambourine and playing it for the first time sparked wonder and discovery.


He gets to see that same spark in people of all ages every day at The RedBarn Studio as he has in a variety of settings throughout his life as a professional musician and teacher.


After coming from his country and folk roots, Edd studied Music Education in college followed by graduate studies in renaissance and medieval music. Over time, Edd has developed a familiarity with a range of styles and sounds including classical, opera, musical theater, folk, jazz, blues, world ethnic, American roots and much more. He's composed and written his own music and songs and has recorded in the United States and internationally for various indie and commercial record labels. Edd plays most instruments, sings, and delves eagerly into music theory and expression - guiding his students all along the way.


Moving to the Northwest in the mid-80s, Edd immersed himself in the theatre arts as well through professional acting, music directing, and composing for many of Seattle’s best-loved venues such as The Empty Space, Taproot Theatre, Book-It Repertory, and Intiman. His work with Seattle Public Theater's Touring Ensemble involved the creation of plays, music, and educational activities designed to help audience members of all ages examine a variety of society's dilemmas and opportunities.

In Edd's Words:

"I refer to myself as a holistic music teacher.  

No matter what a student chooses to study,
we try and look at music from a larger perspective
—to explore various angles.

For example:
how to hear elements within music,
understanding how scales are built,
recognizing intervals between notes

how to find a key that works best
for a song you'd like to sing or play.
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